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Nov 2023

Sad news

On our return to NZ we visited my mum. She is 91, went into hospital four months ago, moved to a rest home two months and has becoming weaker every day. The last thing she said to us was "good to have you home".

On Saturday, 4th of November (around midday) she passed away.
Miss you mum, you are with Jesus now.

Dad is 92 and still has a couple more years I'm sure.

Sept 2023

Holiday in Japan - 2023

It has been a long time since our last visit... since just before the world went crazy.

UPDATE: We are home now. Had a fantasic time and should probably write a report...
You might like to take a look at our flight plan. It will open in this window as it is a pdf

Japan 2023 Flights
May 2023

I'm back... after having a little
subscription glitch

Though my domain name registration always renews at the same time every year, found myself leaving it a little late, forgetting that there might not be bank transfers on weekends. My cut off day fall on a Sunday. I made my payment on the Friday but have to concede it was very late at night.
My redemption came in the fact my service is based in the US and NZ is 18 hours ahead. SO... I did in fact pay in time.

Not so New news!

Yoko has writen a news letter for our Japanese friends. Sorry, I haven't done one in English. Just click on the PDF link or on the pitcutre to the right and it should load up in your browser.
Naturally the news letters for the past fews years are still on line. I'll send you a link on request. ...

Sad news as in late March an elderly friend in England passed away and only two weeks later an Uncle in Auckland. On May 30th my brother in law died and as the world is awear, the Queen of England and the Common Weath. And the most recently, late September, my brothers father in law passed away.

Click to read the .pdf

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