I was hacked in early Jan, 2017

But now I am back.

Updated: 8-Aug-2017

I have been hacked.!! If you had visted this site in the past three weeks you will have been redirected to sites that sale products that I have no interest in.

I'll try to get my page back in order but you can always see what Yoko and I are up to on facebook. Otherwise, email us.
Yoko and I are in Auckland (June 2017) and can hardly belive that Gavin, the host of the B&B [Floral Oaks] or [Floral Oaks] happens to be the father of a guy I met though our mutual interest in LINUX [PLUG] in Palmerston North in 2007! WOW.
Trying my Raspberry Pi server. It isn't a secure site but is safe... unless if gets hacked. Even this site ( got hacked!
[philpi] or redirect from []

Read "Spark Frustration"

  • Fix static IP on the server.
  • Create DHCP Reservation (for that IP address)
  • Setup Portforwarding
  • Create domain with a free DDNS (

    Getting a few hints from the forums at Geekzone but still no success. Seems this is a troublesome router as far as this is concerned but for 99% of the other users this isn't even an issue.

  • Spark Frustration

    I signed up In July and expected the Fiber internet service to simply carry on from Slingshot without a hitch but... though for the most part everything is fine, there is one feature I had with Slingshot that I don't with Spark. Port Forwarding
    Technically it is possible to to host a webserver on your own network, and that I have witha simple little Raspberry Pi, but to have this visable to the world has provided a challange. And it is don't to the Netorious Huawaei HG695b ruoter that Spark provides.

    Looking like having to setup the Slingshot router in Bridge Mode and have it manage DHCP and Port Forwarding as the HG659b doesn't want to do this.